MTM Ammo Crate
Divided Utility Box


Okay, full disclosure here: They sent me this new box to review. This is nothing newsworthy, as we dirtbag journalists couldn’t possibly afford to purchase all the gear and guns we must review on a monthly basis. What is noteworthy is the fact I bought a whole bunch more of these after I tried the first one!

I’ve got many other MTM products and they are all first-quality. However, this new Divided Utility Box may hit the ultimate sweet spot for bulk ammo storage. With moveable dividers, I can store all types of ammo with no wasted space. More importantly, it’s big enough to carry at least a case of cartridges plus, but not so much as to make it hernia-inducing. Stackable and with an O-ring lid, some of my extra ammo cache now leads a safer, more organized — and dry — life in the garage while waiting for the next trip to the range.

MSRP: $27.98

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