Load Ready Utility Mike Bag


A “tactical” shopping bag? Yep, but such a designation is really shortchanging and poking too much fun at what has become an object of conflict in our house.

I love this 1,159 cubic-inch capacity bag for two reasons: It’s tough enough I believe it could carry a full load of lead ingots without complaint and it looks just macho enough I don’t feel slightly embarrassed when carrying it to the range (filled with ammo) or a meeting (it also makes a super-cool lunch and drink sack). Unfortunately, there’s one drawback: My beloved wife keeps stealing it because it’s neigh-on indestructible and doesn’t flop around aimlessly like other bags. There’s a bunch more operation-oriented features and I dare say you’ll never own another utility carry sack if you buy this bulletproof beauty.

MSRP: $56

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