Lewis Lead Remover


I dearly love to shoot, especially revolvers, but just as dearly hate to clean the things. During a phase in the middle 1970s I was shooting tens of thousands of .38 wadcutters yearly and my 6″ Model 19 PPC gun was pretty much a constant lead mess. After trying everything, I stumbled onto the Lewis Lead Remover and presto — suddenly “getting the lead out” was fast and easy. No fooling. You basically use a cleaning-rod-like contraption to pull brass-screen covered fittings through the barrel and chambers. The brass screen scrapes the lead out while not harming the steel one bit.

Follow up with a bit of solvent, a bore brush, then some patches and you’re good to go. I could de-lead my shooter in about 10 minutes and so can you. It comes in all the calibers you need and costs about $30 depending on the kit you buy. Brownells bought the company some years ago so get it right from them.

MSRP: Starting at $36.99


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