Eyepal Peep Sighting System


A couple of years ago I stumbled onto the EyePal system and it literally changed my ability to use iron sights. I was in the “giving up” stage and swapping to optics when the EyePal did its magic. Developed by a gent named Charlie Summers, who also happens to have retired from MIT as an optical specialist, the little plastic “clingy” EyePal patches adhere to your glasses and can be used hundreds of times.

The key here is they have a small hole or “peep” in the center, sized for handguns, shotguns or rifles. According to Charlie there’s all sorts of science going on, but the bottom line is when stuck to your glasses, it allows you to see the rear and front sight and the target clearly. No fooling. I was suddenly able to use irons accurately again. MSRP is $24.95 for a set and I’m telling you — just do it. Thank me later.

MSRP: $24.95


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