Clinger Holster Cushion


The Clinger Cushion seems like a good idea ultimately destined to fail. And it … didn’t.

This is the simplest of concepts: a quality soft nylon and foam cushion attached to the back of your Kydex holster with hook-and-loop fasteners. The goal is to make carrying more comfortable and by gosh, it does! Our micro-nine with optic wasn’t uncomfortable to start with, but now equipped with the Clinger cushion, it is positively unnoticeable. And, so far in the doggiest of late summer dog days, it’s soaked up considerable sweat and has not disintegrated, dislodged — or smelled!

I wouldn’t call this a “must-have” for concealed carry, but it certainly makes packing a pistol even more comfortable. Between us girls, let’s call this “our little secret.”

MSRP: $19.97

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