Athlon Midas CF36 Tripod


I asked Athlon for a tripod and they sent me one — and it was more than I deserved.

This thing is hell-all stout at 7.7 lbs. (and with a lifetime warranty!) but the weight is a blessing rather than a curse. It’ll handle 66 lbs. of whatever you plan on fitting onto it and remain rock-solid-stable until the earth itself decides to move. It also comes with an impeccable padded carrying case in addition to the leg pads for shoulder-carry.

Most striking to me is the overall build quality. The fluid ballhead, central mount and leg brackets are machined rather than something pressed or investment cast. With carbon-fiber legs and more features than a new Tesla, I actually had to read the owner’s manual, a first. I now feel like a tripod snob whenever I carry it onto the firing range or video shoot — and I love it!

MSRP: $812 but less “on the street”

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