Roll Your Own

If the rising costs of new ammunition is prohibiting you from shooting all you want, handloading the .460 S&W Mag. may ease some of the financial discomfort. I’ve been using Redding equipment with four dies. I prefer seating the bullet in one stage and crimping in a separate step. Thanks to Redding’s T7 turret system, you can install and adjust all four dies. When one stage of the process is complete, simply turn the turret and go to the next stage.

There are several premium bullets available for the .460 S&W Mag. capable of tackling a variety of big game pursuits. Hornady provides their 200-grain FTX and 240-grain XTP Magnum Barnes. Speer and Swift also manufacture quality bullets intended for large critters. I’ve been working with H110 and IMR 4227 recently. Other powders may work equally as well including Accurate #9, 2400 and Accurate 1680. For lighter loads and cast bullets, Trailboss is your friend. The .460 S&W Mag. was designed for large rifle primers.