Streamlight Protac HL-X Long Gun Light with Laser


Don’t look this one in the eyes! Boasting 1,000 lumens plus an integrated red aiming laser, the Protac HL-X light performs near the top of its class at a non-paroxysm-inducing price. In my case, the new Protac unit is residing quietly on the Remington 887 which lives under my side of the bed, mounted to the gun via the integral rail grabber.

So far, everything is rock solid even under the repeated battering of 12-ga. slugs. The unit comes with both a switched tailcap and remote pressure switch — I chose the less-convenient switched tailcap because I don’t like rubber thingies dangling off my guns during important moments, though the Streamlight version looks very robust. The light runs off either a rechargeable USB battery or two CR123 lithium batteries. While I haven’t used it for anything more provocative than several range sessions, I have faith it will stand the test if something goes bump in the night.

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