Streamlight Protac HL-X Pro


The new ProTac HL-X Pro offers half the light output of Streamlight’s beast ProTac 2.0 at a still-respectable 1,000 lumens. However, the HL-X Pro really shines (pun intended) in two other areas: compactness and multi-fuel options.

The light is a bit smaller than the 2.0 but if you don’t need an eyeball-searing quantity of lumens, the HL-X Pro is fine. The HL-X PRo also packs a long punch of 50,000 candela (a rough measurement of how far the beam will carry). However, the best feature is the multi-fuel options.

The light comes with an SL-B26 li-on rechargeable battery for long duration usage but can also operate with CR-123 batteries. Without explaining how I know, keeping CR-123 in your stored weapon light makes more sense than using a rechargeable, which eventually self-discharges. With the HL-X Pro, you get the best of both worlds.

MSRP: From $210

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