The easiest option is to use tool power loads. Several manufacturers offer them. Ramset is the best known. The power loads are graded by power level signified by a number and color. Gray (1) is extra-low; Brown (2) low; Green (3) medium-low; Yellow (4) medium; Red (5) high; and Violet (6) extra-high.

Most shooters recommend using the lowest power (gray and brown) for revolvers and weaker actions. Green can work well for stronger rifle actions. As with any older firearm, approach higher power loads with caution.

Another option is to use .22 acorn loads used to train hunting dogs and starter guns for sporting events. The small load is used to ignite a larger powder charge, usually black powder.

Most .32 rimfire reloaders modify .32 Colt and .32 S&W cases. The .32 Colt cases easily convert. The .32 S&W cases are larger and require some lathe work on the base.