Crosman Pellgun Oil

If you have CO2 or pneumatic pump airguns, Crosman Pellgun Oil is a must-have accessory. Period, paragraph, end of story. The good news is a tube will cost you less than five bucks. The other good news is a tube will last you a long time. The best news is it’ll keep your airguns running at peak performance for years and years.

Proper usage couldn’t be easier. Just apply a drop to the tip of each CO2 cylinder you’re about to load. As the gun’s internal stabber pierces the cylinder, right through your newly applied drop of oil, the lubricant and preservative will get blasted through the action with each subsequent shot. It’ll keep parts moving freely and apply preservative additives to keep the seals soft and leak-free.

Pellgun Oil is a petroleum product, so do not use it for high-pressure airguns, especially PCP models as petroleum lubes can combust under high pressure. There are silicone-based lubricants for safe application in high-pressure situations.