‘Gun Sense’ Candidates

How to identify — and defeat them!

“We MUST be ready to elect Gun Sense Candidates and turn out the vote in the midterms.”

This is the message and the mantra from the gun prohibition lobby, which stands a good chance of losing its grip on Capitol Hill Nov. 8. This year’s midterm elections offer gun owners an opportunity to put the brakes on the Biden administration’s crusade to end gun rights as we’ve known them, and have been fighting to restore in several states via litigation. For the next few weeks, watch the hysteria build — something akin to warnings we are about to see the end of civilization as we know it if we don’t elect “Gun Sense Candidates.”

Find Them

All you have to do is determine who these “Gun Sense Candidates” are in your state and district, and vote against them. Like it or not, a “Gun Sense Candidate” is in reality a Gun Prohibition candidate, the more anti-gun the better in the eyes of organizations such as Everytown for Gun Safety, Moms Demand Action, the Brady Campaign, Guns Down and the Alliance for Gun Responsibility. All supported by wealthy elitists, these lobbying groups have one thing in common above all — they want to erase the Second Amendment. They will push politicians they believe can get the job done. They’re doing it right now.

Long story short, these “gun sense candidates” are not your friends. They will tell you, because they have been instructed to, “I support the Second Amendment … but.…” Any candidate who says such things doesn’t really support your right to keep and bear arms and thus does not deserve your vote.

“We need to get to work now if we’re going to show up for Gun Sense Candidates and secure victory at the ballot box in the midterm elections,” said an email blast from Everytown. “The future of our gun safety laws depends on it.”

No, the future of their gun prohibition crusade depends on it.

Billionaire-backed gun control organizations have been pouring millions of dollars into “independent” campaigns to putting or keeping their political allies in office at the congressional and state legislative levels. Watch your mailbox because the big push will happen over the next 30 days. Don’t just burn your junk mail. Take the time to read it and find out who these “Gun Sense Candidates” are in your district.

These independent campaign materials will tell you “Rep. So-and-So supports common sense gun reform,” or “Re-elect ‘Congressperson’ What’s-His-Name because he’s a ‘gun safety’ lawmaker.”

It’s all hogwash, designed to dupe people but it’s wearing thin. If you are reading this column, don’t fall for the last-minute snow job about a pro-gun candidate or the “October Surprise” for which the political left is infamous.

Earlier this year, an email blast sent out by Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts was decrying the then-upcoming Supreme Court ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen when her message declared — for the umpteenth time — the so-called “gun lobby” has a “dystopian vision of guns everywhere, for everyone.” It was a lie then and it is still a canard today, and the Watts crowd knows it. But, such sky-is-falling rhetoric is standard operating procedure for this bunch and it plays well to gun control supporters.

Gun owners do not want criminals or crazy people to have firearms, but they also know such people can get their hands on guns illegally because they routinely ignore gun control laws. Just ask any of these “gun sense candidates” how many existing gun laws were ignored by the Buffalo, N.Y. Tops supermarket mass shooter? How many existing gun control laws were violated by the Gilroy, California Garlic Festival mass shooter? Bet yourself $20 they won’t be able to answer.

It was the late Neal Knox who used to remind his audiences they were the “gun lobby.” With just over a month to go before the midterms, it’s time to act like a lobbying group: a voting bloc of energized gun owners determined to put Capitol Hill gun prohibitionists out of business.

Red Flares

Telltale signs of a “gun sense candidate” are remarks such as:

“My dad always owned guns and he used to take me shooting when I was a kid.”

“Many of my friends are gun owners and NRA members, and my brothers both like to hunt.

“I’m a gun owner. My grandfather left me his shotgun, and I keep it locked up at home.”

“I don’t want to take away anyone’s guns, but we need to adopt common sense gun reforms. I think we can all agree on that.”
Comments such as these send up red flares every time they are uttered. And, no, we can’t “all agree” on so-called “gun reforms” because they invariably require gun owners give up more freedom with nothing in return. Once you start giving an inch here and there, the gun control crowd will invariably push for the proverbial mile.

I once had a discussion with a broadcast journalist pal who tried to convince me every gun owner should agree to legislation mandating the use of trigger locks or some other “security” to disable their firearms. I asked a simple question: “What do gun owners get in return?”

He seemed perplexed anyone would ask such a question. The lame response, after a moment of thought, was “Peace of mind,” and it sounded as though he was grasping for an answer.

I had to laugh. “Gun owners already have peace of mind, because we’ve got guns, and we know how to use them.”

Another time, I was in a debate with a woman who supported gun control and tough restrictions on semi-auto rifles and so-called “high-capacity magazines.” Then she acknowledged participating in 3-gun matches, and reluctantly admitted one of those guns was a semi-auto rifle. When pressed about this, the response was “I’m not going down that rabbit hole.” Well, she’s the one who opened that hole, not me.

Thirty days in politics is an eternity, and much can happen between now and Election Day. Desperate anti-gunners will try every trick they know over the next month to get their people elected. Watch for any sort of political smear, and stay the course. Do not vote for a “Gun Sense Candidate,” no matter what they allege or promise.

The only guarantee you have of Second Amendment sanctity is to keep these people out of office or vote them out in November.

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