Remington RM380 Executive

All-Metal Pocket Pistol

Handguns are accepted as a compromise...

Handguns are accepted as a compromise in terms of lethality traded for portability compared to rifles or shotguns. Remington’s latest introduction in the form of the RM380 Executive seeks to combine the most lethal cartridge with the smallest, lightest practical package. The RM380 Executive is an all metal semi-automatic chambered in .380 ACP Capacity is 6+1 fitting into a 12.2oz. 5.25” long 3.86” high .86 wide slide package. Lightweight and compact are features much appreciated in any weapon destined for concealed carry whether in a pocket, belt, or other methods. And lightweight often translates into not being left behind.

The Remington RM380 Executive fits in the hand better than expected for a
sub-compact pocket handgun and performed reliably at the range during T&E.

The fixed sights are purposely minimal to reduce snagging for a handgun destined mainly for pocket or other types of concealed carry. There is no manual safety on the RM380 with only a slide stop lever found on its frame. RM380 is hammer fired. Importantly, the RM380 does not have a magazine disconnect allowing for it to fire without a magazine in place; an advantage for any weapon destined for personal defense encounters that predominantly occur in close quarters. Two six-round magazines are shipped with the RM380 Executive. 

Two six-round magazines arrive with the RM380 Executive -- one with a “pinky” extension.
With the slide retracted the bullnose barrel profile is apparent, and note the serrations at
the rear of the slide for positive grip.

Remington RM380 Executive features all metal construction. Numerous brands of
ammunition and bullet profiles were incorporated into range evaluation.

Many forums and discussion boards allude to the connection of Rohrbaugh and Remington. This is because Remington Outdoor Co. bought Rohrbaugh Firearms and tweaked the design of the Rohrbaugh R9 creating the Remington RM380. Obviously, changes were made to streamline production away from boutique, semi custom shop, hand-fitting methods. The Remington RM380 is not the same pistol as the Rohrbaugh; this is an obvious given price point differences. Remington has recently added another model to the RM380 line up: the RM380 Executive.

Many will find the Executive’s all metal construction preferable to the original polymer-framed RM380. The RM380 Executive benefits from Remington giving it the “melt” treatment rounding the slide’s edges and other points on the pistol to minimize any chance of it snagging on clothing when deployed. 

RM380 Executive handled different bullet configurations with no issues. This included
Winchester FMJ, Winchester JHP, Hornady Critical Defense FTX, and Black Hills Ammunition JHPs.

380ACP ammunition has benefitted greatly from recent bullet and propellant advances. The Hornady Critical Defense 90gr FTX .380ACP is a great example of this. Hornady utilizes propellants that minimize muzzle flash while maximizing velocity. The FTX bullet is the result of much research into what features a bullet designed for personal defense should consist of. Everything from the bullet profile to ensure reliable feeding to the polymer nose that guarantees proper expansion no matter the medium the FTX passes thru when striking its intended target. 

Loads tested with the RM380 Executive consisted of Hornady 90 grain Critical Defense, Black Hills Ammunition 90 grain JHP, and Winchester 95 grain FMJ & JHP. Range evaluation consisted of normal protocol establishing reliability first, then getting into practical accuracy and handling. Several magazines’ worth of ammunition was spent engaging plate racks and man-sized steel targets. No malfunctions were discovered. The RM380’s ergonomic design allowed for minimal felt recoil and ease of getting multiple shots off quickly even with the handgun’s lightweight and 10 pound, long-travel trigger. The RM380 Executive fits the hand better than some other polymer-framed, sub-compact semi-automatics on the market. 

The first magazine worth of .380ACPs fired at 7 yards produced this group establishing
confidence in the Remington RM380 Executive’s ability to perform in the concealed carry arena.

After reliability was verified, I began manipulating the RM380 Executive from a pocket holster during visits to the range. Also, more of a point shooting or flash sight picture was utilized along with one-handed firing grip. I found this to be a more realistic way of analyzing what the RM380 Executive brings to the table for users considering using it in the role it was designed for—concealed carry personal defense. The RM380 trigger produced acceptable accuracy in terms of close-range personal defense. The RM380’s trigger is definitely designed for pocket carry; the trigger is often cited as problematic with its long pull and no reset indicator. All I can offer is it must be experienced to be believed. The minimal sights found on the RM380 Executive are adequate for engagements that dominate the personal defense arena and were not a hindrance in engaging targets up to 7 yards away accurately. 

Fixed rear sights on the RM380 Executive are low-profile style offering little to snag
on clothes when drawing the pistol hastily. The RM380 Executive holds its own in terms
of firepower, reliability, and size against any sub-compact weapon in the market.
Photo courtesy of Remington.

The Remington RM380 Executive’s strong suits are its light weight and small dimensions ensuring it is always present. Many will find the handy nature of the Remington RM380 Executive makes it indispensable and not being able to leave the house without it even when a larger weapon is carried. Others will find it their primary carry weapon by default, especially in summer months or under social conditions where discovery of a concealed carry weapon is unthinkable. The .380 ACP cartridge has benefitted just as much as the 9MM in terms of bullet development increasing its terminal capabilities. The RM380 Executive handled JHP profile bullets with equal aplomb with a couple hundred of each fired during range tests. Ultimately, always having a weapon with you is more important than the full-sized .45 ACP you leave at home because you did not feel like dressing around your handgun on any given day. The Remington RM380 Executive is a good balance of size to firepower for the practitioner of concealed carry.


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