Walking Tour

The .35 caliber Impact Mk II shown here packs a 580cc carbon fiber air cylinder. It’s built to contain 250 bar (about 3,600 psi) of pressure. A primary manometer near the fill port lets you see current tank status. The number of shots you’ll get on a cylinder fill depends on your caliber choice.

For the .35 caliber rifle, you can figure on about 40 shots, give or take, before you need to top off the air supply. As with most FX designs, it mounts forward of the receiver. I appreciated the connection type — a positive-locking Foster fitting so you won’t have to tinker around with finicky probes and fragile “O” rings.

Pellets feed via a rotary magazine with capacity dependent on caliber. The .35 caliber Impact holds 18 pellets in the large rotary mag while the .22 and .25 models hold up to 28. The magazine design is stellar and not persnickety like many airgun mags. It’s easy to load by removing the clear cover and rotating the internal sprocket to apply initial tension. Then, just drop the pellets in place, replace the cover and commence firing. I found the system to be utterly reliable in my testing.

As with everything else on the Impact Mk II, the trigger system is adjustable too — you can adjust the height of the trigger face, the take-up distance, and the break weight. Knock yourself out tinkering with this one.

The action will spoil you rotten. The straight pull bolt operates with the same smoothness as new leather shoes on ice. It just glides effortlessly so you can operate it with a finger or two while maintaining a firing grip.