The Dope

Using Caldwell’s Ballistic Precision Chronograph, average muzzle velocity of the 210-gr. jacketed hollow points (JHPs) came blazing out of the 6" barrel at 1,647 fps, while 240-gr. soft points came out at 1,523 fps. Our results were a little slower than the published data from MRI but we’re confident the cold temps played a major factor. Additionally, while MRI continues to finalize the recipe for 429 DE leading up to SAAMI approval, Tertin noted shooters can expect even faster velocities in the future along with premium bullet offerings.

At these velocities, the 210-gr. JHP is generating 639 foot-pounds of energy on target at 100 yards while the 240-gr. soft points are delivering a massive 798 foot-pounds! At this distance, the 429 DE has more energy than a typical .44 Magnum load can generate at the muzzle. Simply put, 429 DE doesn’t just ring steel — it knocks it over! My shooting partner and I observed this quite literally toward the end of our shooting session, where we’d saved a single round for an off-hand shot on steel 25 yards out. We laughed out loud when, upon impact, the whole target assembly slowly fell over backwards.