Sniper Bladeworks LPC

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Sniper Bladework’s LPC tactical folder is a half-pound of tough love.
S30V stainless steel and Titanium make for an upscale package built to last.

Sniper Bladeworks was founded by knife designer Lance Abernathy, a former SWAT officer and self-professed gun guy, back in 2009. If the handles of his tactical folders resemble pistol grips, well, let’s just say the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. That said, there’s sound logic behind Abernathy’s grips designs. They put the blade in an aggressive forward position and — like pistol handles — they’re made to fit the hand. Sniper Bladework’s knives are also built with tank-like, failure-is-not-an-option construction.

The LPC tactical folder is a half-pound of tough love. Tipping the scales at 8 oz., the LPC is overbuilt in every way. Fully extended, the knife is 8.3″ with 3.52″ of the total in an ornery clip point blade of premium S30V stainless steel. The rear of the blade has a swedge grind for enhanced penetration and the back section can serve as a thumb ramp for getting down to the nitty-gritty along with a deep finger choil below the blade edge. The LPC’s Titanium frame is well over a half-inch thick with the front slab topped in textured black G10 and the rear one housing a beefy frame-lock mechanism. A stout pocket clip rounds out the package.


The LPC’s beefy Titanium rear frame slab houses a frame-lock
mechanism and a pocket clip for keeping the beast at the ready.

Why you’ll like it

What can you say? If you like a handful of knife, Sniper Bladework’s LPC is glad to oblige. Add its aggressive design and you’re looking at a tactical folder built to take on all comers. There’s enough handwork in the LPC to call it a custom; the fit and finish is superb and the action is butter on glass. Will it drag your britches down? Heck yeah, but LE officers carry much heavier loads everyday — and this is the world Lance Abernathy comes from. The LPC is priced at $325 and, given its upscale content and quality of construction, worth every penny.

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