Olamic Soloist

A singular, spectacular blade
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This eye-popping version of Olamic Cutlery’s Soloist tactical folder is a work of art
in state-of-the-art Titanium and premium Bohler M390 stainless blade steel.

Sometimes a knife grabs your eyeballs and won’t let go. Such is the case with Olamic Cutlery’s Soloist tactical folder. Located in Visalia, California, this small family-run company is headed by Eugene Solomonik and they are a creative force to be reckoned with. Their motto is “Never The Same” and their specialty is taking a basic line of knives and putting them out in an explosion of different themes and finishes. We featured Olamic Cutlery in the July-August issue of our sister publication, American Handgunner but we wanted to do a deep dive into their new “Soloist” model here in GUNS.

For starters, this is a large tactical knife at 10.25″ overall — 6.25″ of the total in the strikingly curvaceous Titanium frame. To customize this version of the Soloist, Eugene and the gang added cool “chunked” grooves in the handle for grip and brilliant fluorescent orange Cerakote spot-color to add pop to the frame’s Titanium back spacer and Torx screws. The Soloist’s aggressive, Beak-like modified Wharncliffe blade is top-shelf Bohler M390 stainless steel and locks up tight as a drum by way of a frame-lock mechanism on the back. The blade rolls out slick as ice on a caged ball bearing system and the adjustable thumb stud and pocket clip are chunked to match the frame.


This version of the Soloist features a sturdy frame-lock mechanism for
securing the blade and a chunked Titanium pocket clip to match the handle.

Why you’ll like it

Nothing is overlooked in the presentation, quality of materials or fit ’n finish of the Soloist. It’s a knife that stands out in the crowd and sends those who dare test its mettle running for their lives. While the company’s knives are technically not “customs” since more than one person works on building them, they have every attribute known to deserve the moniker. Olamic Cutlery’s knives aren’t inexpensive. Typically a Soloist will run you around $795 but, simply stated, it’s what the good stuff costs — and Olamic Cutlery has a voracious customer base that keeps them coming back for more.


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