Lever Fan

I’ve been a fan of Marlin leverguns for over six decades; ever since I bought a pair of Marlin shooters, a pair of original Model 1894s chambered in .38-40 and .25-20. In the foolish time of life known as teenage I let both guns slip through my hands. I would love to have them back now! In the 1960s, the Marlin 336, a long-time deer hunter’s favorite offered in .30-30 and .35 Remington, was brought forth as the sixgunner’s companion in .44 Magnum. I purchased the first one to hit town and it has now served me well for over 50 years. With its 20" barrel, full magazine tube and straight-gripped stock, it was the near-perfect woods carbine.

However, a real joy found in firearms is taking any one of many “near-perfect” sixguns or leverguns and making them even more near perfect!

To accomplish this with the 336 .44 Magnum, I sent it off to my now-late friend gunsmith Keith DeHart to have the barrel cut to 18-1/2" and the overly abundant forearm and butt stock, both made of too much quality walnut, slimmed down. The result is an even-easier and faster handling big bore carbine. Matched with my ever-present Bear Buster Ruger 4-5/8" .44 Flat-Top, it made the perfect sixgun/levergun combination for deep woods hunting.