The SOG-TAC Cali is West Coast friendly

SOG’s CA Crimson Cali Auto is adapted from the company’s time proven
SOG-Tac Mini 3.75" aluminum handle and the vibrant crimson anodizing makes it a stunner.

Some of the most Draconian laws for automatic knives reside in a handful of New England states, with total bans not uncommon. While autos are now legal in the overwhelming number of states in the U.S. some, such as California, have restrictions.

In this notoriously anti-gun state you can own an automatic knife but the blade can be no longer than 2″ in length. SOG Knives built the SOG-TAC CA Crimson Auto for those of you who need to legally slake your auto appetite.

The CA Crimson Cali auto-folder is adapted from the company’s already successful SOG-Tac Mini 3.75″ aluminum handle and is anodized in a vibrant crimson coating. The Crimson Cali has a push button blade release conveniently located on the top front of the handle for easy thumb access. The Cali’s small but effective 1.9″ blade is an upswept, black-coated AUS-8 clip-point style with a saber grind on the back edge adding extra Ooooph in the penetration department. On the backside is a slide safety — a SOG favorite on their autos — to keep everything buttoned up when not being used. There’s also a tip-up pocket clip for quick, at-the-ready pocket carry. SOG’s Crimson Cali Auto tips the scales at a lithe 2.5 oz.

The Crimson Cali’s push button blade release is conveniently located for
tip-of-the-thumb access and also serves to unlock the blade for deployment.

Why You’ll Like It

Very few knife manufacturers make a street legal California automatic. SOG’s Mini platform is tried, tested and has received a lot of love by their customers — so you’re getting a knife with a proven pedigree. The push button blade release is so easy to use even a caveman can do it, and when you go to release the blade for deployment you simply go back to the button to release it. Simple and effective. On top of that the Crimson Cali’s anodized handle is just downright attractive if you’re someone looking to beat the black and silver blues. The crowning touch is the SOG-TAC CA Crimson Auto has a very attractive suggested MSRP of only $129.95 — a sweet price for all you get in this wicked little beast.


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