Fix It Sticks
Compact Pistol Kit


Gun writers are always talking about the “ultimate” gee jaw and gimcrack, the latest and greatest new tool to solve all your problems, make your linens whiter, your smile brighter and ensure world peace. However, in this case, please don’t roll your eyes when I declare the Fix It Sticks Compact Pistol Kit truly is the one-and-only kit you need in your shooting bag.

Built around the Fix It Sticks Mini All-in-One Torque Driver, it also includes a list of pretty much anything you’d need on the range — or at home — to get your pistol running again, including a .45 bushing wrench, brass rods, cleaning gear and even an Aimpoint Adjustment Bit. If this pocket-size kit can’t solve your problem, your pistol is well and truly broken. The only thing it doesn’t include is pliers so if you add a set of foldable ones, you’ll be ready for whatever the ever-present range gremlins throw your way.

MSRP: $180

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