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With the addition of a couple of new states to the concealed carry forum, a whole bunch of new folks have the legal approval of their state to defend themselves. As everyone knows, the issue of carrying concealed weapons is a serious one requiring careful thought before implementing if it is to be done correctly.

As in all things, there are pros and cons and often generalizations about the issues at hand. Here are some thoughts for the new gun carriers and maybe a thoughtful review for the old experienced gun toters.


Choose Wisely And Be Very Careful

Concealed handguns are socially acceptable mostly because no one knows we have them. The unseen handgun is not offensive to the unwashed masses because no one knows you have it. Simply put, out of sight out of mind. Be guarded to conceal your equipment well, many small things from how you bend over — printing the butt of the handgun on clothing — to how you sweep your jacket open as you reach for your wallet all effect concealability.

Concealed carry gives you the option to respond if you want — you can fight back if you chose too. This is a very powerful and empowering option, but one needs to choose wisely and usually on short notice. Go to the gun carefully and with caution.

Even if the circumstance justifies reaching for your gun, do you really want to be in a gunfight in the middle of a restaurant full of people? Or in the bank lobby with your children standing beside you? Your wallet and your money are replaceable. The lives of your husband, wife or children are not so easily restored.

So there is no confusion, if someone offers a genuine threat to you, endangering your life and members of your family — defend yourself — but choose wisely and be very careful.

There will be an element of surprise in your favor. The reason the bad guy picked you is because he didn’t know you were armed. Had he known he would have chosen another victim. This element of surprise will be brief because you will be slightly behind the power curve to start with. Remember; he initiated the attack.


The Liabilities Of Carrying Concealed Handguns

Should your initial contact be the bad man with a gun in your face, trust me you cannot outdraw a gun pointed at you. But our adversary will feel empowered over you and his overconfidence may be the edge you need. A feint of submission, verbal compliance, a prearranged distraction by your partner may contribute to an opening in the threat’s “armor.” If you deploy smoothly — not fast — if you move to cover as available, if you shoot carefully and well, all these things will increase your odds of surviving.

Some have suggested a person carrying a concealed firearm has a “chip on his shoulder.” The truth is carrying a concealed handgun gives the levelheaded citizen peace of mind in the knowledge he is able to defend himself and his family if absolutely necessary. If you know there’s going to be a fight, leave. If you have a choice choose a weapon other than a handgun. If you have no other choice, no other way out, then draw smoothly and shoot carefully.

The liabilities of carrying concealed handguns are numerous. Right at the top of the dangers are the cases of mistaken identity. You know you are the good guy but others might not. The police even have a hard time with this and in places like New York City with so many agencies and so many cross over jurisdictions it is bound to happen, cops shoot cops. Not good, not bad, just real.

If you draw smoothly and shoot well as you have trained to do, you may be the only person standing when the police arrive. Seeing an armed individual with a deployed handgun standing over a body laying in a pool of blood — whom do think the officer will point his gun at when he gets out of the police car? This is a very complicated situation. Trust me, tread lightly.

You Will Need To Modify Your Dress Code

If you decide to carry a firearm and protect yourself you will need to modify your dress code so to speak. Your concealment for the weapon cannot come from just the holster. Some concealment must come from your clothing. To this end you should select clothes with the handgun on and in place. You need to consider opacity of clothing; will the weapon’s silhouette show though? Get pants, belts, holsters and weapons that all fit each other correctly.

Consider practicing lateral and backward movements while drawing smoothly and shooting quickly yet carefully from full concealment. Practice and plan now for the ranges to be short and the action to be violent to include possible ground fighting.

Most of all take some consolation in the fact that being aware of your environment and who is in it, as well as being trained and armed, will take you a long way down the road of never having to use the skills you have acquired.

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