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If One Is All

Two Hands Are Better Than One, Unless…. Firing a handgun with one hand is somewhat akin to the old adage

Applying Light

You Can’t Hit What You Can’t See. Mr. Jeff asked me to write about lights, so here goes. This is


They Still Have A Place And They Serve Well. The unknowing often consider the revolver archaic. I guess by comparing

Good Gear – B&T

B&T LLC Products Arguably at no other time in American history has there been more interest in precision rifle use

Airborne Ammo

Little Things—Like Fixed Ammunition—Deserve Much More Respect Than Usually Given. It has been pretty exciting to have a job I

Need For Speed?

Slow Down, Be Happy. The skill using firearms and how to train with them is in a constant state of


Some Thoughts On Choices Of Backup Guns. History records people who carried two handguns for a variety of reasons. In

Zero Sense

Where Do You Want Your Bullets To Strike? Editor Jeff John gets consistent requests for information about how to, or

Up Down?

Dangle Angle? Arguing With Reality? In our January 2012 issue, there was a massive work of computations and charts and

Clicks And Booms

Both can be very loud. Although it is construed by many to be boring, I am somewhat intrigued with the