Fiocchi Teams With Benelli for Dynamic 28 gauge Shotgun Combo

Fiocchi’s new high-velocity three-inch 28 gauge shell gives you an advantage in the field and extra edge on late season birds.

The Mystery Gun

It WAS a mystery. A strange combination gun has intrigued me since I acquired it on a whim at a Tucson, Ariz., gun show a few years ago.
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How To Run Shotguns for...

In this week's final entry of the 4-Shot Favorites on "Shotguns for Defense: What Do You Need To Know", we take a look at some training tips and advice from...
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Scattergun Choices

In the beginning, shotgun actions were called locks. Eventually the flintlock made it practical to shoot flying birds by shortening “lock time.”...
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The Cynergy Of Browning

There’s something very classy about a double gun carried into the turkey woods. It’s historic. It’s nostalgic. Pump guns and autoloaders are fairly...
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A Great 28

Think you’ve seen more 28-gauge shells on the shelves lately? It’s not surprising. This great little load is making inroads in arenas other than skeet...
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The All-Around 20-Gauge

Half a century ago, when a Montana kid just started hunting, 20-gauge shotguns were considered appropriate for women and kids. Grown men primarily used 12...
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The Star Wars Shotgun

There’s a whiff of buckshot embedded in the American DNA. We love our combat smoothbores. As a country, we’ve carried them in every battle and police...
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The Return Of The Red Label

In a brief note in the 1973 Annual Report, Bill Ruger, Sr. reported work had begun on an O/U shotgun and a limited number would be available for sale in 1974.
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Combination Guns

“What’s the best all-around big-game rifle?” or “Which shotgun for everything from doves to geese?” every day. Then there’s old-fashioned...
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