How To Run Shotguns for Home Defense

Shotguns for Defense: What Do You Need To Know
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In this week's final entry of the 4-Shot Favorites...

…on “Shotguns for Defense: What Do You Need To Know”, we take a look at some training tips and advice from renowned firearms expert Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch. In this “How To Run Shotguns for Home Defense” video, Clint takes the time to break down the basics of what you need to know when it comes to selecting and running a shotgun.

Clint’s advice includes this key point: It doesn’t matter if your shotgun is a $100 single-shot or a $1000 semi-auto. Whatever you use can be very effective. Just be sure you know how to load and reload quickly and practice safely. Above all, make sure you get good training!

A break-open single-shot for home defense? According to Clint, it's a formidable
platform, if you know what you're doing and train accordingly.

All shotguns are not created equal but, for the most part, they make very effective home-defense guns.

From single-shots to pump guns to doubles to semi-autos, Clint gives you some really good tips on making sure you keep them running when it counts. So be sure to click on the video above to take a look!

Clint’s instruction for shotgunners is practical — simply, how to make the best use of your shotgun in defensive situations.

Also, if you would like to learn more, you can purchase the full DVD of his training at