At Work — Or Play

In Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) action events the internal hammer versions are preferred by competitors because it takes less time off the clock than cocking the hammers manually before firing. It’s simply a matter of sliding the safety forward as the gun is brought to bear on target.

Double barrels — in both shotguns and rifles — are regulated to shoot to the same point of aim out to a certain distance. For shotguns the patterns start to diverge around 40 yards. Since this is beyond the practical range of shot shells — with a few notable exclusions — the subject of regulation is almost irrelevant.

Except for a few very accomplished shooters, a double barrel is faster to fire the first two shots. In a gun with two triggers both barrels can be touched off together.

Legend has it when Wyatt Earp encountered Curly Bill Brocius at Mescal Springs, he fired both barrels from his 10-gauge shotgun, almost cutting Brocius in half.