The Fiber Optic Sight Upgrade
Every GLOCK Needs


The XS Fiber Optic sight system fits all Gen 1 through 5 GLOCKs. Note the QR code on the insert card taking you directly
to comprehensive installation instructions.

Okay, so GLOCKs are known for being rugged and reliable, but can we say it out loud … their sights are just “adequate.” There’s nothing wrong with being adequate — just ask my wife what she says about me — but for a personal defensive handgun, ramping your game up even a tad can mean a lot when that elephant steps into the room.

XS Sights is a solid, American-owned family business with a long-standing track record supplying well-designed, highly functional sight systems for a wide range of guns. Legions of cops, soldiers, armed society members, target shooters, hunters, plinkers and collectors have guns featuring XS sights. And for good reasons.

Their legendary “Big Dot” series single-handedly revolutionized concealed carry handguns. They’re bold, fast and sure and as many shooters age, the design makes it easier for them to acquire that all-important sight picture when they need it most.

For some, though, a more traditional sight picture works fine. It’s what they grew up with, trained with and are used to. But even a standard set of fixed “irons” — or in GLOCK’s case, “plastics” — can be upgraded quickly and easily with the addition of one of the XS family of user-replaceable sight systems.

The front uses the standard GLOCK sight screw. Note both front and rear are all steel, rather than plastic,
better able to withstand holster wear, dropping and general abuse.

If you’re a GLOCK owner, XS now offers a Fiber Optic Sight Kit with a precision CNC-machined, serrated rear sight and a front sight with green fiber optic insert. An interchangeable red fiber optic insert is also included in the kit for those who prefer that color.

Not everyone needs or wants Tritium, and I can attest a good quality fiber optic front sight like this one really helps you to get that flash sight picture going. Its .060” diameter gathers light and fluoresces for extreme visibility in bright light conditions common at ranges and competition shooting events. I also like the fact the frame for the front fiber optic presents as a square-shouldered silhouette, so a precise aiming point is easy to acquire if you need one.

Strong serrations on the rear assure a glare-free sight picture. The steel frame of the front fiber optic sight allows
a precise sight picture if needed.

Profile view of the front and rear. Note the bold steel dovetail on the rear and the front sight installation screw.

Additional advantages include the fact that the sights are steel, so they hold up to drops and holster wear. The wide notch in the rear makes it easier to acquire a fast-sight picture if you need to, and that high-contrast front fiber optic jumps right out!

A classic sight picture, enhanced with the eye-catching front fiber optic insert. Red is an optional color.

XS has a complete line up of tools, adhesives, sight pushers, etc. on their comprehensive and easy-to-navigate website so they’re a one-stop shop for a job like changing out your sights. The Fiber Optic front and rear for GLOCK fits all Gen1 through Gen5 models, including MOS models.

Installation couldn’t be simpler, especially if you follow the XS installation instructions and diagram on their website. They’ve put a handy QR code right on the card the sights come with so just scan it with your phone and presto, instructions appear as if by magic.

Installation instructions on the XS website are clear, easy to understand and offer a help line phone number if needed.
You can print them out for bench-top use if needed.

If you don’t have one, make sure you add the GLOCK front sight tool to your order, along with some Loctite if you don’t have your own stash. Other than that, a brass or synthetic punch, small hammer, a good light and your best reading glasses will have you admiring your new sights in about 15 minutes or so. It really is that easy.

Keep in mind, you can adjust the rear for windage at your first range day, then, once things are dialed in, you can set the rear sight in tight with the application of Loctite. Then, you’re good to go and guaranteed the rear won’t move unless you really want it to!

An upgrade like the XS GLOCK Fiber Optic Sight Kit can significantly change your ability to hit fast and sure, and for less than $70, it’s an investment delivering way more than the modest cost might hint at. And don’t forget, even if you’re not a “gunsmith” the XS online installation resources pretty much guarantee even a novice can manage a sight swap like this. Just do it!

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