Craft Holsters Honors Veterans With Every Purchase During
Military Appreciation Month


Craft Holsters are constructed by artisans with significant expertise, including years of building traditional leather holsters. Now, they are combining that traditional background with modern approaches to holster manufacturing while using high-quality materials.

This month, Craft Holsters is celebrating Military Appreciation Month. As part of that, they have partnered with the American Legion — America’s largest veterans’ group. The Legion has almost two million members in over 12,000 community-based posts across the country. To support its programs, Craft is donating 1% of each holster it sells to the Legion. The more holsters they sell, the more money that will be available for the American Legion to support our nation’s veterans. The author of this article is a Life Member of the Legion, and I appreciate their efforts.

Before we dig into the full scope of Craft’s offerings, let’s first examine its Duty line, which includes belt-worn duty holsters, paddle holsters and drop-leg rigs. Eleven different belt-mounted duty holsters are available, including models made from leather, kydex or nylon. They have thumb breaks or rotating bales for retention. In addition to traditional leather and kydex in black, there are also leather designs in mahogany.

Paddle holsters are popular among those who do not always carry a handgun but may need to put one on in a relatively short time frame. Leather versions are available in black and mahogany, while nylon models are black.

Their nylon drop leg holsters can accommodate just the pistol, a pistol, and a magazine pouch, or a pistol with both an optic and a weapon-mounted light.

Craft can supply these holster models for the U.S. military’s Modular Handgun System — SIG SAUER’s M17 and M18 designs — along with many others.

Will Craft have a holster for my handgun?

Whether you are in search of handgun holsters for personal protection or gun holsters for concealed carry, Craft Holsters has got you covered with an unparalleled variety of products to accommodate your unique preferences. They have holsters for Beretta, Browning, Canik, Colt, CZ, Dan Wesson, EAA, Ed Brown, FN, GLOCK, H&K, IWI, KelTec, Kimber, Les Baer, MAC, Manurhin, Mossberg, Nighthawk, ParaOrd, Remington, Ruger, Shadow Systems, SIG SAUER, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Staccato, Walther, and Wilson Combat, as well as 51 other manufacturers.

In all, their holsters accommodate over 2,500 different handgun models. Nearly 90% of Craft’s offerings are available for left-handers, including outside and inside the waistband, cross-draw and small of the back, shoulder, and chest holster designs, as well as models specifically for pistol-mounted optics and handguns with weapon-mounted lights. As a left-hander myself, that number of models is important to me because there are too many manufacturers who seem to forget that left-handers carry and use handguns.

All of the holsters are made from world-class materials, such as full-grain Italian cowhide sewn together with high-quality German threads. When combined with Craft’s molding, their designs result in a glove-like fit. Still not convinced? All Craft Holsters products are backed up by a premium Lifetime Warranty and subject to a 30-day trial period.

When you buy a Craft Holster during the month of May, your purchase will help support the American Legion and its exceptional work on behalf of our nation’s military veterans. Find your perfect fit at