Cellular Trail Camera

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SPYPOINT’s FLEX-M cellular trail camera is the latest addition to its FLEX
series lineup.

The FLEX-M features a variety of advanced features, such as true Dual SIM technology that ensures cross-carrier coverage on all major cellular networks, mobile activation and on-camera buttons that facilitate the formatting of the required microSD card and capture of a test photo, four capture modes including Time-Lapse and Time-Lapse+, a responsive trigger that automatically optimizes settings for each photo, and Constant Capture technology that allows the camera to send and capture photos simultaneously.

Integration with the SPYPOINT app offers easy camera activation, customizable maps, weather information, and BUCK TRACKER technology that utilizes AI image recognition to scan images with species filters. The app allows you to manage settings and update firmware remotely, putting the entire hunt in the palm of your hand.


Trigger Speed: 0.4 seconds

Flash Range: 90’

Detection Range: 90’

Photo Resolution: 28MP

Video: 720p with sound

Modes: Multi-Shot, Continuous, Time-Lapse, Time-Lapse+

Network: Multi-Network Dual SIM

The SPYPOINT FLEX-M cellular trail camera retails for $79.99. Learn more at Spypoint.com.

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