New Ruger PC Carbine Models

Feature Free-Float Handguard, Ghost Ring Sights And More

Chambered for the 9mm cartridge, Ruger’s trio of new PC Carbines with free-float handguards have all the makings of being tough, versatile utility guns to handle all sorts of challenges, from home defense to predator control. All three have many similarities, and a few significant differences we’ll detail presently.

For openers, they all feature a 16.12″ cold hammer-forged barrel crafted from chrome-moly steel with “ultra-precise” 1:10″ rifling with six lands and grooves on a right-hand twist.

The new Ruger PC models share an overall length of 34.37″. Stocks are textured black synthetic (glass-filled nylon) with soft rubber buttpads and come with spacers to allow the carbine to essentially be tailored to fit an individual shooter. They allow length-of-pull variations ranging from 12.62 to 14.12″, and since all three models have integrated Picatinny rails on top of the receiver, a shooter can easily mount a scope of some type of electronic sight. Look close, because there’s an integral sling mount near the butt as well.

Front sights are the protected blade type while the rear sights on all three variations are adjustable ghost ring types, and they all weigh 7 lbs.

Now let’s talk about the free-float handguard. It’s constructed from Type III hard-coat anodized aluminum with Magpul M-LOK accessory attachment slots on all four sides. Translation: This handguard allows easy mounting of M-LOK-compatible rails and accessories.

What about the action of this self-loading carbine trio? It’s a “dead blow” action with a custom tungsten dead blow weight for a shorter bolt travel. The result is a reduction in felt recoil and muzzle rise, and the bolt is machined from heat-treated chrome-moly.

Let’s be honest. While the 9mm is a potent round on the receiving end, any one of these PC Carbines has sufficient weight to easily dampen recoil almost to nil, especially with the soft rubber buttpad. Not only are these carbines built for action, they’re designed for enjoyable shooting as well.

Two of the three have threaded, fluted barrels (Models 19115 and 19117), while the third has a fluted barrel without threads. The threaded barrels are cut 1/2″-28 and come with thread protector caps.

Here’s something else I discovered about the PC Carbine with the free-float handguard. It features a reversible magazine release and a reversible charging handle, so it’s ambidextrous. However, empty brass ejects only from the right.

And, there’s more, as they say on television. This tough little carbine takes down quickly for travel and cleaning, and it can be stored in a tight space. Right, it’s well suited for an emergency gun for the backcountry, whether on an ATV, behind the seat of a 4X4 or in a backpack.

Takedown is pretty simple. Simply remove the magazine, lock back the bolt to verify the chamber is empty, press a recessed lever and give the subassemblies a twist. They come apart in a jiffy. Reassembly is a reversal of the process.

Add another plus: The Ruger PC Carbine utilizes Ruger 10/22 trigger components for a light, crisp pull with minimum overtravel and a quick reset.

What about magazines? Here’s another feature worthy of attention. Ruger designed this carbine to accept common Ruger and/or GLOCK magazines. It ships from the factory with an SR-Series/Security-9 pistol magazine well installed, but an additional mag well included accepts GLOCK magazines. You can also purchase a Ruger American pistol magazine well from

Each carbine comes with a single SR-series pistol magazine and hex wrenches to adjust the buttpad spacers, remove/mount the charging handle and rear sight adjustment.

Take note older GLOCK magazines with only one magazine latch slot can be used, but you’ve got to leave the mag release button on the left side, where it is when shipped from the factory. According to Ruger, this is because such magazines may not properly lock into the mag well if the release button is reversed.

Incidentally, the Model 19115 has a 17-round capacity, while the other two models have 10-round capacities.

You get it all at an MSRP of $729.

For more info:, Ph: (336) 949-5200