Holiday Travel Podcast Playlist, 2020

Listen on the Road or At Home

Despite rising case numbers and increased COVID-19 restrictions, many — including myself — will venture out this holiday to visit family and friends, or simply get away. Whether you’re driving, flying, traveling across the country or only going across town, you’re going to need some form of entertainment.

If you’re tired of the same old Christmas tunes, we’ve curated a playlist of five of our favorite GUNS Magazine Podcast interview episodes to listen to on the road, in the air or at home while hiding from relatives. (Don’t act like you haven’t done that before.)

Stream below or download the episodes on your favorite podcast player, including Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify and Amazon Music, and listen on-the-go wherever you are this holiday season.

Roy Huntington (#1)


Our very first GUNS Magazine Podcast episode, Host Brent T. Wheat sits down with former Publisher and current Special Assignments Editor, Roy Huntington, to talk about two of his most recent favorite guns and what makes GUNS Magazine unique among other firearms publications on newsstands.

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Michael Bane (#29)


While best known for his work on television, Michael Bane has done much, much more. From stories about cave diving to how Mount McKinley tried to kill him and rumors of Willie Nelson’s smoking habits, Brent T. Wheat’s conversation with “George Plimpton from hell” is both wide-ranging and entertaining.

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Linda Powell (#12)


While she didn’t grow up as an outdoorsman, Mossberg Director of Media Relations Linda Powell has become an ambassador for hunting and a role model for women in shooting sports. Now an experienced hunter and shooter, Linda shares her passion for black bear hunting and teaching her son how to hunt.

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Will Dabbs, MD (#4)


A favorite of GUNS Magazine readers, Will Dabbs is a former military helicopter pilot turned sawbones. During our conversation, Will explains how he ended up in Mississippi, tells a poignant story about a local WWII veteran and shares his love of classic firearms and journalism.

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Mark Hampton (#53)


With 30 safaris on six continents under his belt, Mark Hampton has traveled the globe in search of adventure, new experiences and exotic game, yet still loves a morning hunt for squirrels on his farm. He shares some of his handgun hunting stories, including the time he went face-to-face with an elephant.

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