Horse Pistol

Walker held his Colts in high esteem, saying they were good on man or beast out to 200 yards. They were not eclipsed in power until the arrival of the .357 Magnum nearly 90 years later. However, the Walker Colt would be short-lived and more improvements would soon arrive for as effective as it was, it had two major drawbacks. Walkers were huge sixguns issued to the Rangers in pairs and were very heavy and cumbersome.

Walkers are not only quite heavy, they are very difficult to use, especially one-handed. A second problem is the loading lever often drops upon recoil. Genuine Walkers are rare and very expensive, however I have had considerable shooting experience with four replicas and they are authentic down to the point of having loading levers drop when the Walker is fired with a full house load of 50 or more grains of black powder.