A Great Bargain

The M1889’s short period of service as Switzerland’s primary military rifle, very limited use in the hands of the reserves and the meticulous care they generally received while in Swiss hands means you can often find these 120+-year-old rifles in extraordinary condition. Like any antique, they should be inspected for safety before shooting. Be warned the M1889 will chamber modern Swiss 7.5x55, but it’s too powerful for the gun! Use the same brass, trimmed to 54mm, for reduced velocity handloads.

Retail prices for a good-looking, good-shooting gun ranges from $400 to $600. I found mine at centuryarms.com’s Surplus Corner. Century Arms started business in 1961 and is among the last of the great old-time military surplus importers. Opportunities to buy century-old military arms are few and far between these days but Century Arms always seems to be a magnet for such stuff and it’s well worth bookmarking their Surplus Corner on your web-browser!


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