Skinner Sights Ruger American Rimfire Rail

Just like the big boys!

Groups of 0.4" or better were the norm with the rail-equipped Ruger American rifle and various
brands of ammo. Winchester X box seemed to be a favorite — 10 shots under 0.5" at 25 yards.

Andy Larsson — head honcho and chief floor sweeper at Skinner Sights — has the uncanny ability of knowing what shooters want, before said shooters even know it. This ability means Andy is acutely aware of what’s needed to solve issues shooters aren’t aware of yet, but are happily solved with Andy’s designs. In other words, he makes things easier for us.

Innovative Consumption

Like most of us, Andy grew up consumed with guns, handloading, hunting and any other activity associated with guns. As a sophomore in high school, he showed his mettle after buying an Italian Bodeo revolver. Only Problem? It was chambered for the 10.35mm cartridge. Where would Andy get ammo?

Starting with .303 British cartridges, Andy used his school shop-department lathe, cutting the brass and turning the rims down to size. An assortment of dies allowed him to size the brass to fit the cylinder chamber. For bullets, it was back to the lathe where Andy made a mold for casting lead slugs. Black powder was used as his propellent. The loads were accurate and he shot them for years until eventually trading the gun.

Skinner Sights Scout Rail for the Ruger American rimfires and a Skinner Scope turns
a basic rifle into a more versatile shooter while adding style and pizazz.

Scout Rail For Rimfire American

I told you about Skinner Sights DIY Scout System rail for the Ruger American rifle in the May 2020 issue of GUNS. Andy now added the same rail, in either silver or black, for the Ruger American rimfire rifles — and it’s slick!

The rail allows mounting of a scope either traditionally, or forward Scout Rifle-style, also giving your rifle a rear peep sight and adjustable AR15-type front sight option. The rail uses the drilled/tapped holes already in the Ruger American rimfire rifle action/barrel but does require the additional drilling/tapping of two more holes in the barrel.

I added one of Andy’s 1-6×24 scopes and was ready to sight in. After two shots, and a few turns of the ½ MOA turret knobs I was zeroed at 25 yards. This scope also features a 1 MOA red dot for low light conditions and a BDC reticle.

Like all Ruger American rifles I’ve shot, this one proved just as accurate. Shooting at 25 yards, it was no problem putting five shots into less than 0.4″ with various types of .22 ammo. This trio consisting of the Ruger American rimfire rifle, the Skinner Sights rail combined with the Skinner Sights scope is a wonderful, well-balanced combo great for any professional plinker, hunter or anyone looking for some fun.

The Scout Rail has an AR15 style front sight that’s easily adjustable for height. The full
rail allows both traditional and forward Scout Rifle-style mounting of scope.

Work Background

Andy started his varied work career while in college as a sporting goods clerk in a hunting/fishing store. He gravitated toward the shop gunsmith with his machining background. Majoring in theology, Andy became a minister after graduating college. During this time, he also became a tent maker to supplement his salary.

Andy also worked as an ammo loader and sales rep for Tim Sundles’ Buffalo Bore Ammunition. His niche had always been machine shop work and the self-taught machinist/gunsmith was making Bullseye pistols for himself and eventually others.

Word of mouth spread of his designs and Larsson was offered a job by a well-known, revered custom gun maker. Andy turned the generous offer down because he didn’t want to tear away from his Montana roots to relocate. Can you blame him?

Sights To Set Eyes On

Andy was eventually offered the opportunity to purchase Skinner Sights 10 years ago from Dr. Skinner himself, and the rest is history.
More than the products a company puts out are the stories of the men who design them. By telling you of Andy Larsson’s extensive background, you can see why his company is successful. He’s laid the groundwork, so we don’t have to.

Not just an iron sight, or even peep sight company, Skinner Sights has expanded to bases, bases with peeps, rails with both front sights and peep sights, scopes, garment bags for guns, and takedown Winchester-clone model 1892 and 1886 kits.

I admit to purchasing one of Andy’s “Bush Pilot” take-down M1886 carbines, as well as a few of his Scout rails, scope and numerous peep sights. To say I’m pleased with the quality would be an understatement. Andy knows what he’s doing, and his products show it.

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