Trigger Time

All these guns are old. The stock on my Broomhandle wobbles badly, and my 1940s vintage Hi Power rattles like a child’s plaything. The Lugers are still tight and rigid, however. Each of these weapons shoots much better with the stock attached than is the case otherwise. Care must be exercised not to catch the firing thumb underneath the reciprocating bits of the Broomhandle and Hi Power, but each weapon is indeed stable and effective out to 100 meters or more.

With more than half a century on my eyes I cannot see to shoot out to 500 and 800 meters over open sights. Given the anemic performance of these pistol rounds at those extreme ranges such stuff seems pretty ridiculous to me. The effectiveness of modern rifle fire is questionable at those ranges. Luck begins to play a significant factor in combat engagements at those ranges with pistol rounds.