Colt Revives the Anaconda

Out of production for over a decade, Colt has revived the .44 Magnum Anaconda, “fully re-designed to utilize an oversized Python action with a bulked-up frame for added strength.”

My personal experience with the Anaconda was all-too-brief some years ago. It was introduced in 1990 as the biggest of Colt’s “snake guns,” and I got to fire one maybe a dozen times at some event. It was definitely a handful.

The new incarnation features a leaf spring action, sights adjustable for windage and elevation and Hogue overmolded grips with their trademark texturing to provide a firm hold even with wet hands. The Hogue grips are interchangeable with all Python grips, Colt said.

The Anaconda joins the previously revived Cobra, King Cobra and Python. It is done in stainless steel and is manufactured at the Colt facility in West Hartford, Conn.