Ready On The Left!

A left hand shooter will use the same techniques, but with minor variations. For example, to open up the cylinder the right thumb comes around the grip to press the latch while the left hand opens the cylinder, using the same “O” shape as described above, with the left hand holding the cylinder while the right hand loads. Another option is to use the left thumb to work the latch while the right hand thumb pushes the cylinder to the left with a couple of fingers of the right hand — usually the middle two — on the other side of the cylinder, again forming an “O” shape to hold the cylinder. With this technique the left hand is handling the ammo.

Another option is the “tactical” reload. You’ve fired two rounds. The threat is down or gone, you’ve scanned and moved into position behind cover. When it’s as safe as you can assess, you want to change out those two empties. Right-hand shooters can keep the revolver in the right hand, using the left hand to press the ejector rod back slightly, trapping the two empty cases. Release the ejector, pull out the empties and then reload two live rounds. You can transition the revolver to the left hand, using the right hand to remove and replace the rounds. Lefties will need to transfer the revolver over to the right hand, working the tactical reload as a right-hander would.