Lipsey’s Lightweight .327 Single-Seven

A Working Man’s Tool


The Lipsey/Ruger .327 Single-Seven is a stylish, easy-packin’ piece made for workaday carry, chambered in the effective .327 Federal Magnum cartridge.

In 2014 Lipsey’s released the all-stainless steel, Ruger-made Single-Seven revolver. Chambered in the mightiest .32 caliber round — the powerful .327 Federal Magnum — the seven-holed cylinder is stronger than its six-shot sibling as the bolt cuts were placed in a thicker part of the cylinder. The guns came in three-barrel lengths, 4-5/8", 5.5" and 7.5".

Wanting a varmint gun, I bought the 7.5" barreled model, taking advantage of the longer sight-radius so I could squeak-out every bit of accuracy and velocity for my cast bullet handloads. I never looked back, at least until recently …

Lipsey rounds

Seven rounds of .327 Federal should solve most problems the outdoors enthusiast would encounter.


Some guys/gals just can’t leave factory firearms alone. Jason Cloessner, VP of Lipsey’s, is in charge of product development and a mega-modifier. Huh? What’s that, Tank? Jason simply gets paid to change/modify factory guns, making them more attractive for us, umm … obsessed consumers. He’s a master at modifications, tweaking things just enough to make them irresistible, especially when it comes to my beloved Rugers!

During SHOT show last year, Jason bumped into Richard Mann. As gun guys do, they put their heads together and came up with some modifications to make the “ultimate” single-seven for someone who actually packs a gun day-in and day-out. Here’s what they came up with.

Lipsey cylinder

The Lipsey .327 Single-Seven cylinder is actually stronger because of bolt-cut placement. In the test gun, all chambers measured a perfectly consistent 0.314".

Whittled-Down Wonder, Weight-Wise

Starting with a shorter 4-5/8" barrel, along with an aluminum grip-frame, these weight shaving tweaks help prevent us from Hitchhiking. What? Something happens to us men as we, uh … mature — our hips narrow as our bellies blossom, making our belts want to slide down with the whole shebang, especially when lugging a Single-Six/Seven gun around. We’re constantly “hitching” and “hiking” our pants as we try to make our belt defy gravity.

In addition, “experienced” eyes make the front sight appear fuzzy as we lose the ability to bring it into sharp focus. The ability to line up 3 different focal planes gets pretty darn tough too as our eyes tend to lock-on either the rear sight or target, instead of the front sight. Therefore, some different sights were in order.

Lispey Sight

Versatility: chambered for the .327 Federal Magnum, the gun can also digest the .32 H&R Magnum, .32 S&W Long and .32 S&W short without modification.

XS Sights

The sighting issue is rectified with a friendlier front sight made by XS sights. It’s simply a large, white bead, something easy and soothing to focus aging eyes upon. Coupled with their V-notch, white-line express rear-sight, all you have to do is perch the big white ball on top of the white line of the rear-sight, lollipop style, and you have a perfect sight picture. This arrangement puts you on-target quick!

Lipsey Stock

Basic Black: The low-key Micarta grips aren’t flashy but they are highly functional on an everyday carry gun; a few might even say they’re “sexy”!

Stylish Stocks

This Lipsey’s Exclusive comes with stylish, all-black Micarta stocks, giving the gun a subdued, all-black look. The iconic Ruger Phoenix is prominently displayed on the grip medallion. I think it’s a sharp, classic-looking seven-shooter!


This gun runs about 3 oz. lighter than its all-stainless steel brother of the same length but it feels much lighter, making for a handier packing piece. Its weight is 31 oz., while overall length is 10.25" and height is just over 5". The non-fluted cylinder displays rugged good looks while the throats were dead-on dimensionally, measuring a perfect 0.314" with my pin-gauges. This consistency makes it a perfect cast bullet blaster as I’ve found best accuracy when shooting bullets of this size.

The short barrel won’t dig into your truck seat, is easier to conceal and will be enjoyed by outdoorsmen who carry their guns everywhere. The gun is capable of shooting 32 H&R, .32 S&W Long, .32 S&W short and the .327 Federal for uncanny versatility. The MSRP is $629. If you want one, have your FFL holder contact Lipsey’s to order you one.

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