Whittled-Down Wonder, Weight-Wise

Starting with a shorter 4-5/8" barrel, along with an aluminum grip-frame, these weight shaving tweaks help prevent us from Hitchhiking. What? Something happens to us men as we, uh … mature — our hips narrow as our bellies blossom, making our belts want to slide down with the whole shebang, especially when lugging a Single-Six/Seven gun around. We’re constantly “hitching” and “hiking” our pants as we try to make our belt defy gravity.

In addition, “experienced” eyes make the front sight appear fuzzy as we lose the ability to bring it into sharp focus. The ability to line up 3 different focal planes gets pretty darn tough too as our eyes tend to lock-on either the rear sight or target, instead of the front sight. Therefore, some different sights were in order.