My first experience with a Dan Wesson handgun was with one of the old modular revolvers, in .357 Magnum, belonging to a small-town police chief friend of mine who carried it on the job.

It was a great shooter and the fact that this guy had a couple of different barrels impressed the hell out of me.

Some years later, I stopped by a pistol match and one of the guys was using a Dan Wesson M1911 clone that was slick, accurate and ran like a well-tuned racecar. It put lead everywhere I aimed it during a break in the competition, and didn’t so much as burp.

At the recent annual Elmer Keith long-range memorial handgun shoot, one of the competitors was using a Dan Wesson wheelgun, and he did some pretty fancy shooting.

Now along comes a new entry from Dan Wesson that ought to get its own share of attention from armed citizens looking for a reliable M1911-type sidearm, with features that will delight people who carry.

The DW ECP (Enhanced Compact Pistol) is designed for all-day carry. Anybody who does this understands that a handgun on the belt or in a shoulder holster can make itself annoying just by its presence—and it will happen long before the day ends.

Chambered in either .45 ACP or 9mm, this handsome single-action self-loader will grab your attention at the get-go. If not, you should check your pulse.