Realistic “Little Brother”

The gun uses a short gas-stroke piston versus the direct-impingement gas operating system of the M4, making the HK416 run much cooler and cleaner and rendering it a favorite with military and law enforcement units around the world. Of course, this .22 version is not the same gun but it does make the same size holes in paper and it handles the same. This makes it a pretty good and inexpensive option for tactical training as well as a ton of fun for those of us who don’t clear houses and bust bad guys for a living.

I dug around and found a Bushnell Trophy Red Dot sight and installed it on the gun. I did have to remove the existing sights to make this change but this was no problem. Just loosen a screw on each and slide them off the back of the rail. HK Parts supplies a pistol brace adapter for this gun, and I found a reasonably priced stabilizing brace at Midway USA. There is also a 30-round magazine available from HK Parts and other distributors. With the CCI suppressor ammo loaded in the HK416, my crew is ready to ping steel plates and just have fun in general, with safety always the number one priority.