In a news release, Ruger President Chris Killoy declared the MAX-9 a “game changer.”

"With industry-leading features at a highly competitive price,” he stated, “this American-made handgun will provide a versatile option for consumers looking for a superior offering in the popular micro-compact market."

But there’s something else Ruger-related and it comes from Viridian Weapon Technology. It’s the E-Series™ Green Laser sight for the Ruger-57. This thing mounts on the front of the trigger guard, and it reportedly works even in daylight.

Viridian says its sight is 50 times brighter than red lasers and it can be seen at more than two miles at night. The on/off button is ambidextrous, and it is designed with a five-minute automatic shutoff.

Those are the new goodies and if I’m lucky, I’ll soon be trying them out.

Meanwhile, I need to do an inventory. Several years ago, while visiting the Ruger plant back in New Hampshire with some other gun writers, I was gifted a fixed-sight Single Six with the shorter grip frame. This wheelgun is chambered for the .32 H&R Magnum, something of an under-rated and overshadowed cartridge that delivers a nasty punch, especially with my handloads.