It’s All About The Nine

As early as the 1980s, slaughterhouse testing and — more importantly — street feedback showed the best-performing 9mm hollow-point loadings caused more traumatic wound channels than some .45 rounds and could even rival some .357 Magnum loads. Today, I load my 9mms with one of three preferred loads: the Winchester 127-grain Ranger-T +P+ known for tearing wound channels similar to those of .357 SIG; the Speer 124-grain +P Gold Dot, which works well through barriers and expands well; and the Federal 9BPLE 115-grain +P+ producing short but wide wound paths whenever over-penetration is an overriding concern.

The choice depends on where I am, what I’m doing, and the threat profile there. All are thoroughly “street-proven.” And, despite my fondness for the Beretta and, indeed, for the 1911 .45 auto, the one pistol I’ve been most likely to carry on my own time over the last couple of years has been an out of the box Gen5 GLOCK 19!

And above, you’ll find the reasons why.

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