I used nine .44 Special loads (5 factory, 4 handloads) and eleven .44 Magnum loads (7 factory, 4 handloads), for a total of 20 different loads. The “worst” .44 Special load grouped in 1-1/8 inches while the tightest shooting Specials measured 3/4 inch.

With the .44 Magnums the results were even better. This surprised me—especially considering how much concentration it now takes for me to shoot full-house .44 Magnum loads in such a relatively lightweight sixgun. This time the worst load measured an inch, while the best put 4 shots into 1/2 inch, followed by three loads measuring 5/8 inch and three other loads measuring 3/4. This is astounding, again, at least in my hands, from such a short-barreled, heavy recoiling pistol.