For decades shooting books have told us to use 40% grasping strength with the firing hand and 60% with the support hand. The percentages vary but still add up to only half your grip strength applied to the gun. And, we still see the most common miss pattern clustering low and to the shooter’s weak hand side. This is often the result of “milking”: when the trigger finger moves, the other fingers on the hand tighten also, like milking a cow’s udder, which pulls the shot low and left for the right-handed shooter and low right for the southpaw.

One cure is the crush grip, applied with maximum force. At maximum flexion, those other fingers can’t tighten anymore. Voila! The instant cure for “milking the shot.”

Crush grip also seems to stabilize the gun better against a trigger pull weight greater than that of the firearm itself, a result becoming more valuable the faster you shoot. Most of us find it also controls recoil better. If you’ve been using the 40/60 thing or some variation thereof, spend a few hundred rounds shooting with 100% grip force applied with both hands. Don’t be surprised if your shooting improves.