GLOCK Announces New Slimline Models: G43X And G48


Glock G43

It’s a new year, which calls for a new handgun or two, and the engineers and designers at GLOCK have come up with a pair of 9mm sidearms sure to capture immediate attention and approval from handgunners as they join the Slimline series.

These two-tone models are special in several ways, not the least of which is their profile. These silver Slimline models are the G43X and G48, and they are of a size and dimension to nestle in the hand like an old friend. They boast match-grade GLOCK Marksman Barrels (GMB) for maximum accuracy and a silver nPVD finish on the slides, which have front and rear cocking serrations.

Some handgunners have never cared for the width of the typical GLOCK grip frame with its double-stack magazine. But these silver Slimlines are different, with a “staggered” cartridge column.

Glock G43

Glock G43

The G43X has a slightly longer grip frame than the G43, but it is only 1.10″ wide on the grip and 0.87″ on the 6.06″-long slide. It weighs 23.07 oz. with a full magazine, but only 16.4 oz. empty (without the magazine). Translation: This pistol is a good choice for everyday concealed carry, and with a 10+1 capacity, they’re ready for any eventuality. The sight radius with polymer front and rear sights is 5.24″ and the barrel length is 3.41″.

The G48 has a bit longer slide at 6.85″, with slightly longer sight radius at 5.98″ with polymer front and rear sights. It shares the same frame and width dimensions as the G43X, and also holds 10+1 rounds.

As for weight, the G48 hits the scale at 25.12 oz. with a loaded magazine, and weighs 20.74 oz. empty (without the magazine). Barrel length is 4.17″.
It’s safe to presume the new silver Slimline models will share a spotlight when they make their official debut at the 2019 SHOT Show later this month in Las Vegas. They start arriving at gun shops on Jan. 21, according to GLOCK. For the present, consider these new GLOCK models to be real prizes.

Glock G43

Glock G43

On a personal note, I’ve always liked two-tone pistols. Though in my case, the colors have always been the other way around, with a stainless or nickel frame and blue slide. Here the traditional black polymer GLOCK frame contrasts handsomely with the silver tone slide, and it’s my guess both the G43X or G48 will stand up to all sorts of varying environmental conditions, and look good in the process!

Both pistols feature a shorter trigger distance of 2.64″ and three sight configurations. The standard polymer sights provide the longest sight radius, but GLOCK also offers Ameriglo BOLD and GLOCK Night Sight options.

The frame on both pistols features a built-in beavertail, and a reversible magazine catch.

GLOCK is celebrating its 33rd year in the United States, and has become the sidearm of choice among countless law enforcement agencies and is also popular with various military services.

For more info: GLOCK Inc., Ph: (770) 432-1202.