The “Geep”

The ruggedness of the GP100 is more than a little akin to that of its automotive homonym. The .44 Special is the fifth cartridge for which the GP100 has been chambered. It was conceived, of course, as a super-strong holster-size .357 able to stand up to the pounding of constant training fire with magnum rounds. But some law enforcement and corrections agencies insisted on a .38 Special-only chambering, so this was added. Later came the 7-shot .327 Federal Magnum and, more recently, the 10-shot .22 Long Rifle GP100.

The new Model 1761 variant is a 5-shooter. Years ago, at least one small company produced customized Ruger Service-Six revolvers rebuilt as 5-shot .44 Specials. One of those blew up on the range in one of our classes years ago, injuring a couple of people with shrapnel from the ruined cylinder. Ruger’s engineers are confident using the larger cylinder of the GP100, providing thicker chamber walls combined with their modern metallurgy assures safety.