Let’s end pain and embarrassment (the life you save may be your own!). Remove the magazine and check the chamber ensuring the pistol is unloaded. You will need the fancy Springfield Disassembly tool provided by the company. If you’ve lost it, the now exceedingly rare paper clip substitutes admirably. If you youngsters don’t know what one is, ask someone old. They are often found in mint condition for little or no cost. 1) Pull the slide back and push up the slide stop. Insert the small part of the rod into the hole in the recoil spring guide with the long part facing the muzzle. Release the slide stop and ease the slide forward until it can be removed. Remove the slide to the front. Remove the recoil spring to the rear, capture pin and all. Do not remove the capture pin. Lift the barrel up and remove to the rear. Reassemble in reverse order.