Zero Tolerance Anso 0235

The slip joint rocks modern
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The Zero Tolerance Anso 0235 — with its slick styling, top shelf materials
and cool mechanics — exemplifies the breed of modern slip joints.

The rising trend in modern non-locking slip joint folders is a joy to watch. Some say it’s just another branch of the long-running modern tactical movement but it could just be knife manufacturers are spreading their wings to add butter to their bread. The Zero Tolerance Anso 0235 slip joint featured here demonstrates just how far we’ve come from Granddad’s traditional pocketknife by blending a classic concept with highly contemporary design and materials.

The Anso 0235 is a design by custom knifemaker Jens Anso of Denmark. Jens is wildly popular worldwide and has quite a few collaborations with cutlery manufacturers on his tally board. His designs are known for their simple perfection which you can see in the 0235’s stark, graciously curved lines on both handle and blade. Rather than use the typical back-spring found on 99.999% of slip joints, Anso designed a mechanism with double detente balls for keeping the blade closed between its rigid carbon fiber frame. This makes for a clear, open frame, enhancing its clean design.

On the back of the 3.80″ handle there’s an anodized blue back-spacer at the base with a lanyard loop designed in — making for a cool use of spot color. There’s also a tip-up pocket clip for ready carry or the Anso 0235 can be easily toted loose in the pocket. The leaf-shaped 2.60″ Spear Point blade is of CPM-S20CV tool steel made by uber powdered steel manufacturer Crucible Industries and also features a hat tip to the classic nail nick for opening. Zero Tolerance is known for not cutting corners in the material and fabrication departments and the Anso 0235 is no exception.


The Anso 0235 features eye-pleasing spot color in the form of a
blue anodized back-spacer replete with lanyard loop.

Why You’ll Like It

The Anso 0235 personifies the modern slip joint breed by melding slick design, state-of-the-art materials and envelope-pushing mechanics into one eye-pleasing package. It’s a gent’s folder, cool enough to please the ladies and at a featherweight 1.80 oz. it poses no burden for pocket or purse. You won’t find yourself needing to sharpen the blade’s CPM-S20CV steel often, as Crucible’s fine-grained powdered offerings are known for their excellent cutting ability and toughness. This is a pocketknife that will own the office cooler. At $225 suggested retail, the Anso 0235 is a bargain for the technology wonder it is.

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