XS Sights DXT Night Sights


The day I realized my aging eyes couldn’t clearly see the front sight on a pistol was eye-opening (pun intended). Faced with this common aggravating malady, I grudgingly decided to try out some XS Express Sights — and discovered I had been missing the boat!

The concept is simple, and actually over a century old, as first seen on dangerous game “Express” rifles — a simple open-V rear sight is mated with a large round front sight, making for fast sight acquisition. In practice, you simply place the “golf ball” front sight onto the target and press the trigger as necessary.

After using the sights on my EDC 9mm Smith & Wesson Shield for a full year, I’m a believer! They are certainly fast and easy to pick up in any light. They’re not for precision shooting but anyone — young or old — should consider these sights on your favorite defensive pistol!


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