Warthog II Knife Sharpener


The Warthog knife sharpener might look like a Rube Goldberg machine or an 18th century torture device but trust me, it will shock you with effectiveness!

When I got the press release regarding this contraption, I responded with, “This thing looks complicated, does it work and is it simple enough for a gun writer to operate?” The company responded claiming it does indeed work as promised and was so simple even I, a practicing journalist, could use it effectively. I’m not from Missouri, but I said, “Show Me!”

Coming out of the package the sharpener looks complicated and un-intuitive, but after breaking down and reading the instructions, I realized you simply stick your knife in the slot and start drawing it across the automated diamond rods. At this point levers start levering, rods start sliding and your knife gets sharp — really sharp.

I’ve always been honing-impaired and after owning many different brands of knife sharpeners, I always end up with knives slightly duller than a baseball bat. I’ve finally found one that works, even for editors!

MSRP: $99.99