XS R3D 2.0 3-Dot Tritium Sights

Better — and faster — than ever!

The R3D 2.0 sight system is an “easy-install” for users on Glock or S&W semi-autos.
Using the XS sight pusher makes it even easier!

Some 25 years ago, I got to know the sterling team at XS Sights and have been a fan ever since. A strong, family-owned company based in Texas, they’re fiercely patriotic and pride themselves on building the industry’s finest, most reliable, innovative sighting systems. They work hard, take good care of their customers, and stand behind what they do. What more could you ask for?

XS has been famous for its “Big Dot” Tritium sights. Consisting of, literally, a big dot front, the sight dominates the sight picture, while the shallow “V” rear (think: express sights) gives that big dot a perfect place to rest. It’s fast, easy to see and lives on countless police and defensive guns all over the world.

Their R3D was a natural mate to the big dot for those who prefer a more conventional sight picture. A bold front with a tritium insert is mated to a fixed rear with two smaller tritium dots. You end up with a three-dot sight picture, with the bigger front coming to rest naturally in the center. At a glance, you can tell if the sights are aligned correctly, and that bold front helps to keep things well-centered.

Never content to rest on their laurels, XS’s hot new R3D 2.0 builds on the commonsense design of the R3D, expanding the envelope with some key new ideas. The R3D 2.0 has a three-dot set-up with the front showcasing the high visibility, dual illuminated front with tritium and “glow dot” technology. The glow dot “absorbs” ambient light and then emits a soft glow for hours afterward. It sort of “biggie-sizes” the tritium insert. The bright orange glow dot of the R3D 2.0 stands out confidently, leading your eye to the front sight. Even hours later, as the glow dot dims, the tritium center still glows brightly.

The new XS R3D 2.0 sight system offers a bigger dot than ever,
with a bold orange “Glow Dot” surround for the front, and larger rear Tritium dots for the rear sight.
The combo offers a big, bolt and bright “3-Dot” sight picture.

The rear has what XS calls a “self-shadowing” feature, enhancing the serrations to really make the rear tritium dots jump out. And those rear dots are bigger than the Gen 1 R3D sights. A black nitride surface finish keeps things resistant to corrosion and helps with contrast. The XS innovative EasyPress concept allows a lead-in edge and a very clever “crush zone” to ensure easy installation.

Addison Monroe, marketing manager for XS Sights, says, “R3D 2.0 night sights are a top choice for those seeking advanced precision and accuracy in their everyday carry handguns. Installing them is a breeze with a sight pusher, and once they’re in place, they’ll stand up to years of use. R3D 2.0 is the brightest notch and post option available.”

XS offers a consumer and a professional “Gunsmith Series” sight pusher tailored specifically to install XS sights.
A great investment, and something a club or several friends should invest in.

The Tritium vials will glow in low or no light for 12 years, so a modest investment now assures performance for more than a decade of tough field use. Part of the reason for the popularity of the R3D 2.0 is the fact the front dot is wider than most on the market, exhibiting a bold .145” diameter.

The XS R3D 2.0 is currently available for the following models:


• All models, standard or suppressor height


• M&P/M&P 2.0 Standard Models (Novak style rear sight), standard height

• M&P/M&P 2.0 C.O.R.E. (optics ready), standard or suppressor height

• Shield/Shield 2.0/Shield Plus/Shield OR/Equalizer, standard height

MSRP ranges from $131.99 to $142.99, depending on the model.

These sights are CNC machined in America in Ft. Worth, Texas and are expected to perform in the toughest conditions — for years. That’s certainly been my experience with their products!

For more info, visit XSSights.com.